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RIP Bootleg Theater - Unisex tee - Newpenny


While the pandemic created an international disaster, we lost so much in the process. From jobs, cars and homes, to family, friends, and acquaintances- this year has taken its toll on nearly every industry. 

Los Angeles, CA has its fair share of live event spaces of all sizes and levels of "nice" (fancy). In an unassuming building on Beverly Blvd, close to MacArthur Park, is the home of 20 years worth of rock, folk, and classical music, to stage performances and release parties. This building is the Bootleg Theater. Ahem, WAS the Bootleg Theater.

Not just another casualty to the pandemic, this building was an open market for musings on any night of the week. I witnessed performances here that are lost in the ether of rock history, never to be shared or seen again. And now all we have are the memories of this brick and mortar, to live on as we tell others of the wonderful evenings had at The Bootleg. RIP

Printed in faded white on a vintage-wash black cotton/poly tee. 

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