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Mickey's Cafe - Unisex Tee - Newpenny


The year is 1995.
The Grand Ledge High School Comet Marching Band just finished the Memorial Day parade, and it's time to get our grub on! Where else to go, but to wait in line outside Mickey's hoping to get a seat near the kitchen to catch some of Mickey's singing. 

He inspired so many with his joyous attitude, empathetic nature, and good-hearted spirit. I remember many mornings sitting under the grease-stained ceiling tiles, looking through the menu trying to order something other than bacon/eggs/pancakes for a change. 

Mickey was an original, I've never met anyone else like him.
One of my favorite memories was one morning while eating with my mom, he came out and brought us our food, and I tell you, these plates were LOADED. My mom worked at a hearing aid clinic that serviced Mickey's mother's hearing aids. He loved that she got taken care of so well, that when he'd see us in there he'd make up a Mickey Special and just pile the food on.

He was generous, he was caring, he is a legend.

Printed Front and Back in faded yellow on a vintage-wash heather brown cotton/poly tee. 

**FREE GIFT:  Comes with a recreated Mickey's Cafe Menu cover!

Also available in Women's sizes!

Always FREE SHIPPING for orders in the USA. 

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