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50s and Such Diner - Unisex tee - Newpenny


The year is 1994. 
You just finished seeing the weekend matinee of the play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Sun Theatre, and you and some friends are looking to stay out a little longer and spend some allowance. 

Where better than to head over and see master malt-maker Steve Graszler, and learn a little about history. When I used to take every opportunity I could to perform in town, I had the chance to have Steve play onstage with me at Yankee Doodle Days, doing an old Buffalo Springfield song I'd picked "For What It's Worth". I had no idea idea at the time how important that moment was, he wasn't playing alongside me, I was playing alongside him.

It took me 20 years to figure that out, so I made a shirt to honor the man that kept the sockhops and leather jackets alive. To Steve, always willing to open his door up to local youth looking to better their lives through milkshakes an music alike. 

Printed in faded black on a vintage-wash heather gray cotton/poly tee. 

**FREE GIFT:  Comes with a recreated 50s and Such Menu cover!

Also available in FEMALE sizes!

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