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Tommy Rexford II Tribute - Womens Tee - Newpenny


Inspired by one of my greatest, closest friends; one of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure to know, and the best drummer I've played with in my life. Taken too soon September 2nd 2018, Tommy left this world having impacted so many people, changing their lives for the better, leaving a legacy that will now live on within some of the best memories of own our time here. 

He was around from the very first time I printed a shirt. He introduced me to the people I started this company with, and was also able to learn about other comedians through the world of podcasts as I would visit him while on the road selling comedy merch.

Tommy was excruciatingly funny, and deserved to be out here in LA in a writers room, or pitching marketing ideas for some new emerging recording artist, or just taking in the copious amounts of Butch Walker shows in LA. Just recently while visiting me here in LA Dec 2017, we went to Butch's Holiday Show at the Hotel Cafe. We showed up early enough to sit outside and smoke Camels and listen to their soundcheck very clearly through the vent, catching up, sharing our own memories, in 70 degree weather at Christmas. A surreal experience for both of us, and I'll treasure this forever. 

Ok, anywho, sorry for rambling.
I printed up a few of these and took them to the funeral and decided to make some available for anyone that missed them. The photo was taken by the super-talented Lola Rose, and you can find her work here:

The lyrics are copywritten, and from one of Tommy's favorite bands. The lyrics used are from a very poignant song in his life that he related to very much. I used them without permission and am hoping to not get sued. I won't promote the group used for fear of getting in trouble, but we opened for them a few times, and had great memories listening to them, and found these words to be tragically fitting. 

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A portion of the proceeds from this will be donated to SAVE THE MUSIC Foundation, a charity that looks to make sure music education is in our schools and social programs. Music almost saved Tommy's life, so I'm hoping this is a good place to start. 

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