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Seeing a 25-minute set from Jerrod Carmichael (@NotoriousROD) is a great deal for $8. Add a 25-minute set by Maria Bamford (@MariaBamfoo) -one of my all-time favorite comedians- to the show, and that $8 becomes a steal. Add in ANOTHER 25-minute set by Wil Anderson (@Wil_Anderson)?

My friends, that’s the definition of an embarrassment of riches.

If you're bummed that you can’t make it to Wil’s show on Monday with Dave Anthony at The Steve Allen Theater, this is an awesome alternative. Don’t think you’ll get enough comedy on Monday? Come and get more of Wil on Tuesday!

This Tuesday night (Dec. 2), all three comedians are performing at the NerdMelt Showroom in L.A: “Three Comics. Long Sets. No Host. Straight Up Stand-Up.” Seeing great comedians do a tight 8-minute set is fine; seeing them perform a longer 25-minute routine is waaaaay better.

People in LA know the NerdMelt Showroom as one of the best standup spots in town. People outside of LA know how great it is, too, because of Comedy Central’s (awesome) show The Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail. And Tuesday, experience it in its full glory along with three of LA’s heavy-hitting local comedians.

Ticket info can be found HERE. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Written by Joey Lewandowski — November 30, 2014

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