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Any fan of Estoy knows (and loves) Dave Anthony and Wil Anderson. But did you know the two of them are performing together at the Trepany House in LA on Monday, December 1? 

It’s true! On the back of Dave’s wildly successful Kickstarter, the two are polishing their one-man shows ahead of the upcoming Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

You may know Dave from his debut album Shame Chamber. You may know him from either of his podcasts, Walking the Room or The Dollop. Or maybe you know him from his role as “Guest Charlie Number One” on FOFOP. No matter where you know him (and love him) from, it’s safe to say it’s somewhat of a surprise for Dave.

“I thought my career was over 5 years ago,” Dave said. “The Kickstarter campaign was obviously beyond anything I ever imagined. I’m still trying to take it in.”

Dave says he owes the success of his Kickstarter (which he calls “pretty incredible”) to how small the world is now: “The most surprising thing to me is that I have an audience of people who want me to come and perform.”

A lot of that demand comes from Dave’s great comedy, but a lot of it also comes from the international audience that his appearances on TOFOP and FOFOP have built. It’s a bit of a two-way street, though, as Wil has opened Dave up to a new world of comedians, like Stewart Lee and Dylan Moran, and new types of standup you don’t see in the US.

Dave says the show he’s working on isn’t different material because it’s going to be done in Australia. It’s personal, so it translates anywhere. But it’s something special that Australia might appreciate more than audiences in America.

“It's material I mostly can't do in American comedy rooms,” Dave said. “People get weirded out by too much honesty here.”

Dave’s set at the Trepany House isn’t close to his finished hour. He says he’s still working on the overall structure, and has about 20 minutes locked in right now. So what can you expect from his set on Monday or his hour in Melbourne? Dave says the hour is about “my anger issues, how I got that way, how they manifested, and what I did about it.”

If you’re reading this and you live in LA, you better be there. If you miss this, you'd better be dead or in jail… and if you're in jail, BREAK OUT!


Tickets and show info can be found HERE.



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Written by Joey Lewandowski — November 29, 2014

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