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It all started as a joke. Or for fun, really.

Greg Behrendt and I were printing shirts and experimenting with cut-and-sew in his garage in 2012. We were designing and releasing a lot of new shirts and outfitting Greg's band with a high fashion punk aesthetic. It was fall time in Los Angeles, the Monday before Thanksgiving, and Black Friday ads dominated all media. People were camped at the Best Buy on La Brea for a week already.   

I had a surplus of random blank shirts and shop rags, so we printed variations of the new designs from Walking The Room and The Reigning Monarchs. I think we printed our first female tees then too. We dug into Greg's last private collection of Uncool DVDs, old comedy tour posters, and memorabilia. We put it all on sale at midnight and called it the 1st Annual #BlackWednesdaySale, tongue fully pressed into cheek. 

The traffic was more than we'd ever seen for the site, it emptied our shelves. The Post Office HATED us. The people behind us in line hated us more. It was validation that we might possibly be good at this fun thing we were doing that excited us.

The tradition was born, and this year is no different.
I'm very proud of the special items we have hitting Estoy all the way through Cyber Monday.

I've put together a brief guide below featuring only some of what we have planned.
Starts 12am Midnight PST  Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

- Walking The Room- NEW shirts, as well as some limited 'Greatest Hits' releases.
Also, a CIY (color-it-yourself) poster and we'll be selling original scratch prints and samples used in the original runs of WTR shirts. And maybe a calendar. 

- The CrabFeast- Brand new shirt, signed poster, new mugs, as well as discounts on past items.

- The Dollop- First ever shirt! And very limited Dollop 6-packs (inspired items from memorable episodes).

- Your Mom's House Podcast- New shirt release, ya know what I'm sayin?

- The King Sweater- New pink and silver tee, with some limited gold test prints.

- Kira Soltanovich Show- New Tshirt.

- Iron and Wool- New tie release and discounts.

Black Friday Releases:

- TOFOP- Cool new shirt with free giveaway for First 100 orders.

- Jen Kirkman- Hand-printed poster.

- FUNDRAISING shirt and poster from Walking The Room/The Reigning Monarchs to benefit cancer treatment for a devoted podcast listener.


Set your alarms, or make coffee and stay up. There's no leaving your house or waiting in line. Just stay in your PJs and stop by Estoy on Wednesday to take care of holiday shopping for the comedy fan/nerd/superfan/listener in your family!


Written by Angelo Warner — November 22, 2014



I am so freakin excited I can’t stand it!

November 25 2014 at 04:11 PM

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