Estoy Merchandise

Heroes Fundraiser Tee- Female

Estoy Merchandise

Sometimes you have an opportunity to do something pretty amazing, and in a small way, you can be hero. 

Podcast superfan, mother, career woman, and all around wonderful person Nancy Sains has a campaign going to raise money her cancer treatment. Her and her son Mike Sains have been devoted customers of Estoy since before it was Estoy. They're very active in the podcast community, and need a little help.


I reached out to artist Guy Tensen, and he created this inspiring design containing characters from Walking The Room and The Reigning Monarchs. Rise up and fight the good fight!

Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated the Nancy Sains Fund to help her BEAT CANCER! 

A GoFundMe page is currently going and accepting donations as well. You can find that HERE.



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