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Drag Adjacent - Snapback Hat - Oh L'Amour The New Musical

Oh L'Amour The New Musical

Face it, most of us are drag adjacent! 
We might not be courageous and cool enough to pull it off ourselves, but we can proudly announce our love and support for those that do!

Drag Adjacent design is embroidered in fuschia thread on a super soft black snapback hat. 

Wrapped and shipped in recyclable packaging. 

**Always FREE SHIPPING for orders in the USA**

"OH L’AMOUR,” is a new musical about friends who find love and experience loss during the socially tumultuous 1980sset to the catalog of British synth-pop duo ErasureBesides the titular song, included in the show are hits “Blue Savannah,” “Sometimes” and the world-wide LGBTQIA pride anthem “A Little Respect.”




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