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Walking The Room- Scratch Prints

Walking The Room

Legendary pieces of Walking The Room history!

These are pieces of fabric used to make a test print of the design. We do this in the beginning of the process and make sure everything is good to go, then we print a million shirts for the rest of the day. When printing re-stocks of items, we use these scratch prints to line up the design perfectly for placement on the shirt.

#1- Corndog- Greg and I printed this, looked at it, and had a moment of feeling awesome. We loved it. Then we printed 150 shirts and 50 hoodies over 2 days. 

#2- Beware- First print ever of the Hobotang design. After this we printed 175 Beware tees.

#3- NOPE- No explanation needed.

#4- WTR Logo- The first 50 WTR shirts were printed by a company. After we moved the operation in-house, this was the first print of the logo. This has a bonus Beware logo on it for some restocks we did in the garage.


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